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a new and unique solution to help

patients with peripheral neuropathy

who have balance problems. 




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Walkasins® - a new and unique solution to help patients with peripheral neuropathy who have balance problems.

Walkasins are the first Wearable Sensory Prosthesis (WSP™) to help improve balance and walking mobility, and reduce fall risk in patients with peripheral neuropathy. The insoles measure foot pressure and give immediate gentle, tactile sensory cues to help control balance and stability.

Studies have found that peripheral neuropathy is a major risk factor for falls. "Fall related injuries including hip fractures are up to 15 times more likely in patients with peripheral neuropathy compared to a healthy cohort". [1] 

"Patients with peripheral neuropathy commonly walk slower, with shorter steps and have compromised reaction time and balance -- all factors that increase fall risk"[2]

Walkasins produces near immediate improvement in gait and balance function, presenting podiatrists, neurologists and physical therapists with a unique solution to promote safe patient mobility and reduce the risk of falls.

Loss of balance leading to falls is a growing problem.

In addition, our aging society is increasingly impacted by falls.

According to the CDC, “In the next 13 seconds, an older adult will be treated in a hospital emergency department for injuries related to a fall. In the next 20 minutes, an older adult will die from injuries from a fall. Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults aged 65 years and older in the United States, and can result in severe injuries such as hip fractures and head traumas.” In 2013, the direct medical costs of older adult falls, adjusted for inflation, were $34 billion.  With the population aging, both the number of falls and the costs to treat fall injuries are likely to increase.

Many people who fall, even if they’re not injured, lose confidence in their mobility, and develop a fear of falling. This fear can lead to less physical activity and reduced social participation, and the devastation of “quality of life.” When one decreases their activity they become physically weaker, and this increases their risk of falling.

The 65+ Falling Problem is Worsening

Emergency Visits and Hospitalizations for Falls



65+ Fall Deaths (CDC)

Falls 65+


Percentage of Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes Reporting Any Mobility Limitation, by Age, United States, 1997–2011 (CDC)



The Walkasins system consists of a Leg Unit and a Foot Pad. The Leg Unit wraps around the lower leg of the user and contains electronics for reading Foot Pad signals, a microprocessor as well as four vibrating motors that provide tactile sensory cues to the user. The Leg Unit has a power button, two status LEDs and a reset button on the back. Power is supplied by an internal battery which is charged through a micro USB port. The Foot Pad is placed under the user’s foot and connects to the Leg Unit through a physical cable.

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Walkasins® is a non-invasive lower limb Sensory Neuroprosthesis for individuals with peripheral neuropathy who have gait and balance impairments. RxFunction, Inc. has registered and listed Walkasins with the FDA, but Walkasins is not yet available for sale.

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