How can we get Walkasins for our patients?

Please note: RxFunction is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Walkasins is listed with the FDA, but is not currently available for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Walkasins require a prescription?
Yes. Walkasins will require an assessment by an appropriate licensed healthcare professional to determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate, followed by a written or electronic medical prescription.

How will Walkasins be sold?
Walkasins will be sold as a “System” that will include two leg units, a pair of right and left foot pads, a charger and cable, instructions, and packaging.

Where will Walkasins be sold?
Initially Walkasins will be sold through healthcare professionals including neurologists, physical therapists, and related healthcare professionals at medical facilities that are trained to offer Walkasins. Contact RxFunction to learn more.

When will Walkasins be available for sale?
Walkasins is planned to initially be available at limited locations beginning late Spring 2019.

How can I learn more?
Contact RxFunction at to learn more and register to receive our product news updates.

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