This internet posting serves as notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a) that the following RxFunction, Inc. product(s) may be covered by the following U.S. patent(s). Each product may also be covered by one or more foreign patents, and additional patent applications may be pending. Products may be sold individually or as part of a system. Updated October 2018.
Walkasins® Sensory Neuroprosthesis. This product may be covered by these U.S. patents, along with one or more foreign patents: 8,974,402, 9,289,174, 9,955,904, D726,400, D747,483.
Other U.S. patents and pending published applications (that may or may not cover current products) include: 9,402,580, 2016/0166198, 2018/0242899.