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Walkasins® are currently being designed and developed for individuals with peripheral neuropathy who have balance problems. Walkasins have not been submitted to the FDA for review, and are not available for sale at this time.

The walk2Wellness clinical trial will evaluate walkasins® use on 100 patients from multiple sites across the country for up to one year. The randomized, cross-over trial will involve patients with sensory peripheral neuropathy experiencing gait and balance problems who are at high risk of falling. Plans call for participants to be tested for gait function, balance confidence and social participation measures immediately and after 10, 26 and 52 weeks, with 10 weeks being the primary end-point of the study. Recruitment of patients for the walk2Wellness study is expected to begin this summer and will be handled by the participating sites.

Please check this website again for updates on participating study site locations and information.