Sensory Neuroprosthesis

Balance and mobility for people with sensory peripheral neuropathy

What Walkasins Does ~ 4 Step Overview

Walkasins is an external lower leg sensory neuroprosthesis for individuals
with peripheral neuropathy who have gait and balance impairments.

Product Step 1

Lost foot sensation due to peripheral neuropathy causes unsteady walking, often leading to falls.

Product Step 2

Walkasins® evaluates balance and delivers gentle sensory signals to functioning nerves around the lower leg.

Product Step 3

This new sensory information is integrated by the brain to help replace lost foot sensation.

Product Step 4

Balance and gait are improved, restoring mobility and confidence.

Walkasins® Sensory Neuroprosthesis detects foot pressure then non-invasively delivers balance information to the nervous system.

The device consists of a Leg Unit attached around the ankle and a Foot Pad, which is inserted under the user’s foot in their shoe.

Changes in front-to-back and side-to-side pressures under the foot detected by the Foot Pad are processed within the electronics of the Leg Unit.

Walkasins Rendering

The device provides gentle tactile signals to the front, back, left, and right surfaces of the user’s leg relaying balance information to a location above the ankle where skin sensation is still present.

The sensory information provided by Walkasins® replaces the sensory loss from peripheral neuropathy, and improves information to the nervous system which is critical for maintaining balance.

“I Call Them a Miracle”

See how Walkasins has helped Tim, who has diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy, walk better.

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Caution: Individual results and activity levels while using Walkasins may vary depending on many factors. There are risks associated with the use of this product and there are certain individuals who should not use the product. Only a physician can tell you if this product is appropriate for you and your individual circumstances. Please consult with a physician for complete information regarding benefits, risks and possible outcomes.