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RxFunction Expands IP with Patent Issued August 2019

October 28, 2019
RxFunction, Inc., Creator of Walkasins®, Expands Patent Portfolio

Eden Prairie, MN – (August 30, 2019) – RxFunction, creator of Walkasins® Lower Limb Sensory Neuroprosthesis, has further expanded its patent portfolio with the addition of new United States Patent #10,390,751 issued August 27, 2019.

The newest patent in the RxFunction patent portfolio, #10,390,751, is entitled “Feedback Device for Reduction of Foot Skin Damage in Patients with Sensory Loss” and was issued as a continuation of the original patent #8,974,402.

“We are pleased to continue to add strong IP to our technology platform,” stated Lars Oddsson, Ph.D., Walkasins co-inventor and RxFunction Chief Technology Officer. “Our patent portfolio is expanding to open opportunities for protection of new product lines that may further benefit patients we are already targeting with Walkasins, such as those with peripheral neuropathy from diabetes,” he continues. “In addition to problems with balance and gait, these patients are at risk of developing foot ulcers that may lead to amputation. The new patent provides the potential to protect new solutions aimed at the reduction of ulcer development,” says Oddsson.

“We are significantly growing the RxFunction patent portfolio with this newest patent, giving us the confidence to pursue new capabilities for our technology. We are carving out a unique position in the wearables market and building on our leadership in this space,” states RxFunction CEO, Thomas Morizio. RxFunction currently has three additional patents pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that cover claims related to other applications of the technology platform.

Walkasins is an external lower limb sensory prosthesis intended to replace the nerve function used for detection and signaling of foot pressure sensation. The company developed Walkasins to help improve balance in patients who experience gait and mobility problems due to sensory peripheral neuropathy, a disorder where the nerves in the feet are damaged causing numbness. Walkasins are available by prescription following evaluation by a trained clinician. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 20 million Americans have some form of peripheral neuropathy, commonly a consequence of diabetes and chemotherapy, and widely present in the elderly population. To learn more about Walkasins, visit www.rxfunction.com.

About RxFunction, Inc.
RxFunction™ is a medical device company with a mission to design and market medical technologies that restore balance, increase mobility, and enhance confidence for patients at risk of falling. Privately held and headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, RxFunction created the Walkasins® lower limb sensory prosthesis, building upon patented technology developed by co-founder and scientist Lars Oddsson, PhD. Development of Walkasins was supported by Small Business Innovation Research grants from the National Institutes of Health (AG040865) and the product is manufactured in Minnesota.

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